Scheduled emails not going out

Recently, when I schedule an email blast, the email doesn’t go out. So, when I check it still says scheduled even though it’s well past the date and time it was supposed to go out. What I have had to do recently is to stop the email then recreate it and send it out now instead. This has not been a problem in the past, it started happening a couple weeks ago.

Hi! Were you able to resolve this issue? It seems that all emails from Infusionsoft is not sent. I’ve tried sending a lot of test emails today but we didn’t receive anything. We also tried sending it to ourselves (not as test) but same problem.

I don’t know if the problem still exists, that’s why I contacted you. I’m not sure if I can resolve the issue. What else can I do on my end? I just schedule an email, that’s all I can do.

I’m also having this problem. Last three Sundays in a row my scheduled email hasn’t gone out an I’ve had to go in and manually send it out. Very frustrating!!