How to Opt-Out a large group of Emails

We just moved 20,000 emails from Salesforce/Pardot into Infusionsosft, and need to make sure that the 618 people that previously opted out of Saleforce/Pardot emails will be marked as opt out in Infusionsoft. Is there a way to do this in bulk using a spreadsheet of the 618 people?

If the people are already in Infusionsoft by Keap and they haven’t been tagged as ‘opted out’, then what I would do is upload the 618. At the end of the upload, ‘run an action’ and apply a tag that is “Needs Opted Out”.

Then import.

Then, run dupe check (under admin) using email only.

That should then identify the 618 as being duplicates of the contacts that are in the system.

Merge them automatically.

That will add the ’needs opted out’ tag to records that are already in Infusionsoft by Keap.

Then, run a search for people with that tag.

Check the checkbox at the top of the list.

Run “Actions” dropdown and the last option is ‘Update Opt-in/Opt-Out status”

Change to ‘opt-out’ and you should be good to go.


Thanks! We’ll give it a shot.

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