Managing opt in / out status

I have a client who wants to set up an integration between Salesforce and Infusionsoft. They are struggling with how to get and update the opt in / out status of an email address.

If it’s opted out in Infusionsoft they want to mark it in salesforce and they also want to be able to mark them in sales force which will opt them out in Infusionsoft.

They couldn’t find anything in the REST documentation - can you point us towards any documentation that can help?!/Contact/createOrUpdateContactUsingPUT

You may opt-in or mark a Contact as Marketable by including the following field in the request JSON with an opt-in reason. (This field is also shown in the complete request body sample.) The reason you provide here will help with compliance. Example reasons: “Customer opted-in through webform”, “Contact gave explicit permission.”

Opting out isn’t supported through the API, other than by GDPR-style redaction, which is available via Keap REST API

If a request header named GDPR-Redact is included, the contact will instead be redacted according to GDPR guidlines. Redacting a contact will remove all personally identifiable information and cannot be undone.

Hi Jamie,

The REST API is incomplete. If you want to Opt the person out you can use the XML-RPC - “APIEmailService.optOut” API Function instead.

Yeah, as stated, REST is one of three api’s in play and the xml-rpc versions do indeed offer optin’s and optout’s :wink: