Selective Opt-Out?


I have an Infusionsoft question for you IS Experts…

We use Infusionsoft to communicate with our clients (we are a UK based company). Some of our emails are updates about our courses and some are promotional emails (special offers, etc).

We’ve had several clients complain about our ‘promotional’ emails and state that we need permission to send those to them. My understanding was that once they are a client of ours, we can send them emails of any nature. All of our emails have an ‘unsubscribe’ button but if they hit that, it means they would also be opting out of our course critical emails.

Is there a way to have something like a ‘selective opt out’ where they will still get critical course specific emails but opt out of promo emails in Infusionsoft?

Thanks for the help with this!



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What you’ll want to do to easily take care of this, @Dave_Newgass is create a webform or Infusionsoft landing page that serves as an email preference center. Include sets of radio buttons w/YES and NO options for your contacts to let you know what type of emails they are interested in. Then following the form goal in a campaign, using a decision diamond to check for their responses with sequences following to add or remove tags which are then used in your searches before sending email broadcasts.

Finally a link to that form can be added near the footer of every email sent to allow them to update their preferences without completely unsubscribing.

The more you allow your leads and customers to give permission to what they want to receive, the more engagement you’ll get and less unsubscribes.


As a side note, @Dave_Newgass, and referring to the above by @Cheryl_Hunt, the New Year is a great time to initiate a “we’re updating our records” campaign by sending out an invitation to your full list “Please update your record on file”, or the like, that directs to the form created as mentioned by Cheryl. Then be sure to add a link at the footer of all your emails to include access to this same form at all times.

Add to email:

Form example:


@Dave_Newgass, because I only link to the email preference center from emails, I hide the email field on the form because if they change their email, it will create a duplicate record - their old email address will still be emailed what they may not want.

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I’m not sure I completely understand what you’re saying, Cheryl.

Any form that is submitted in Infusionsoft has in its Settings a place to determine whether or not to check for a duplicate email when submitted (you can choose not to check but then a new record would be automatically created.)

So because I only link to our Email Preference Center form via an email link, I don’t want anyone to change their email address so as to avoid creating another record. So I hide it in the form.

Does that help, @Daniel_Johnson_Jr?


Thank you for the ideas there @Cheryl_Hunt!

You’re welcome, @Dave_Newgass! Hope they made sense =)

Thanks for your reply, @Cheryl_Hunt!

So if I subscribed with a work email but wanted to change it to my personal email, how would I do that, given your setup?

You wouldn’t be able to do that using an Infusionsoft web form or landing page form because the the duplicate settings are based on email at the very least and if the email was changed, a new record would be created.

The only native way is for them to do it through the Unsubscribe/Update link in your footer. That allows them to update their email. The preference center is more for letting them personalize what they want to be delivered to them.