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I can’t seem to find a way to search the forums, sorry if this has been asked before (probably has)

I’d like to edit the page a user is taken to when they click the unsubscribe button. By default it asks the user why, I’d like to change that page to allow the user to edit their email preferences or unsubscribe from all as an option not the rule.

Is this possible? Thanks

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You can’t do much with the unsubscribe, however, you can additionally offer a way for them to ‘manage their email preferences’ with a webform that will raise tags to remove them from the selected campaigns. Often that’s all they want, and then often they just want to opt out all together. But the opt out process is locked down pretty tightly by IS.

@John_Borelli, thank you for your answer! Can you tell us if there is a possibility to translate it in other language than the usual?

Unfortunately no. The unsubscribe link is intentionally not made available for changes by Infusionsoft to prevent people from getting around it’s inclusion. (you’d be surprised how many people would rather spam others than give them the chance to opt out of their marketing which, of course is very poor practice). So Infusionsoft doesn’t permit changing any part of it directly. There would be a way to do it with code but that kind of information is stripped from emails to prevent such modifications as well. What you CAN do, however, is to add an additional optout link that is in a different language but you would still be limited to the character set and most languages don’t carry over very well in that process.

Bummer to hear, but it does seem there’s a way to minimize the “unsubscribe” option and draw attention to a strategically placed “update email preferences” option. There’s some great suggestions in this blog for what to do on that “update” page.

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Just to make sure I understand - because I don’t think (and I’m not) she’s asking for a way AROUND the “unsubscribe” rather how can we brand it with our language? And you’re saying that’s not possible - that’s a page we can’t edit?

Lastly your suggestion of “Web form” is basically saying build another page/ webform and offer it as a different LINK in the footer and hope the consumer who’s wanting to opt out pics your link instead of the IS Unsubscribe link, correct. It’s a gamble…

It’s not a gamble. It’s a matter of how you ‘market’ it. If your link is presented as an email preferences center that allows the user to have control over what they receive in information then most users prefer that over outright opting out.

Following back up on this, a year later, because I know many come searching on this subject.

My company has added a soft-opt-out to sales campaigns so our customers can opt out of special pushes we’re doing for products they don’t want… or perhaps they already have. First, we use tags to avoid those who have OUR products already, but if we’re pushing for a 3rd party, that’s not always possible. Second, we make this soft-opt-out option darker, larger, and directly above the full unsubscribe option (since many just scroll to the bottom to find that unsubscribe link).

Right above the dim colored “unsubscribe”, we offer regular sized, darker color text that says something along the lines of…

If you have already signed up for the course or are no longer interested, you can [click here] to stop receiving reminders about this new course. You will continue to receive other emails, from {business name}, including newsletters and purchase-related emails.

The click here is hypertexted to an “info updated” web page and applies an opt-out tag which is used as a goal to remove them from the chain of sequences. If they purchase, signup, or “click here”, they are pulled from the campaign.

This combined with keeping our list cleaned has made a huge difference in our opt outs and eliminated the annoying emails from Infusionsoft saying we’re at risk of being suspended. ;o)

We also use the pre- and post- text boxes around the compulsory unsubscribe link so it doesn’t catch their eye before the soft-opt-out option and makes clear to them they’re opting out of ALL emails (we had to do this because so many of our non-techie crowd would unsubscribe and then call us to complain they weren’t getting their emails - lol).

Pre: If you’re no longer interested in receiving any emails from {business name}, including newsletters and purchase-related emails,

Post: to be completely removed from our list.

Now we just need Infusionsoft to acknowledge that a sale from an external store (Woocommerce) which creates an order in the system for an existing contact who is opted-out should result in a change of email status. We get so many customers complaining that they get their invoice and then never receive their virtual product because the emails don’t send because they opted out of our list 2 years ago. Ugh!

What I find frustrating about this is that KEAP themselves use a process that is not available to its users.

Their emails have a single “Unsubscribe” link in the footer of their emails:
Screen Shot 2022-07-15 at 10.32.38 AM

Which takes you to a custom page where you can update your email preferences OR unsubscribe:

We have a couple of sub-brands that get sent from a different address than our primary, parent company brand. We often run into issues when someone will unsubscribe from one of the sub-branded emails because they don’t realize that they won’t get any of our emails anymore.

If I could direct them to a page like KEAP has where I could list the brand and the sub-brands, they could see what the different sub-brands are and opt out of those but still be able to get updates that are relevant to them.

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