Automatically Opt-in

I’m wondering if there is any automation that can change customers from the “opt-out” email status, to the “marketable” status. I understand the legalities and reasoning behind needing the opt-out function for marketing.

However, we run collections campaigns for owing invoices and expiring cards. Since this isn’t marketing, I’d like to make it so whenever somebody opts out, it runs an action set that changes their email status back to “marketable” but then applies an “unsubscribe” tag. This tag will be used in all marketing campaigns as decision diamonds to pull the unsubscribers out of that campaign so they don’t receive marketing emails. Is this possible?

No, there is no way to do that in Infusionsoft.

If it is an automated email on a scheduled timer, Infusionsoft considers it a “marketing email” no matter the context - your recipients will still see an unsubscribe link.

Transactional emails are considered “one-off” emails (e.g., receipt, quote, etc…) sent to complete an interaction between you and a recipient and do not offer the option to unsubscribe.

What suggestions would you offer on collections campaigns? I’ve thought about creating email status automation that applies the “Unsubscribe” tag I mentioned above, and another status automation that sends me an email to change their status back to marketable.

How legal/illegal is that? I don’t want to go to jail :sweat_smile:

Definitely respect someones request to opt-out of your email marketing. Not doing so within 10 days of a request is against the CAN-SPAM Act which is against the law.

One idea would be to highlight an “email preference center” as an alternative to them clicking on the unsubscribe link. One of our awesome partners, Greg Jenkins has a video on how to put this together. Build an Email Preferences Center in Keap - Monkeypod Marketing

On top of that, if someone does opt-out, you could put them in a campaign that sends you a task or email reminder every month as a reminder to contact them via personal email.