Action to set opt-out status

I need to create (what seems to me like) a simple action, where all contacts that have a specific domain name in the email address are automatically set to “Opt-Out” in their email status (or, if that is not possible, I could set the email field to empty)

I can’t figure out how to do that. Seems Infusionsoft has exactly the opposite of what I need: In the Condition for an action it only lets me test for the opt-in status of the email field (instead of testing for a specific value)
And in the Action part it only lets me set a field value but doesn’t let me set the opt-in status.

This is extremely frustrating. Is there any way to achieve what I need?

(Here is why I need this: Whenever a sale is generated in my POS and no customer is associated with the sale, a record in Infusionsoft gets generated with an email address of “” I need these contacts to be set as unmarketable. Otherwise Infusionsoft will try to email them and will ruin our email reputation, since I’m trying to email to so many invalid email addresses.)

Any suggestions appreciated.


@Markus_5_Star_Salt_C, natively it’s not possible to run an action to automatically opt-out/unsubscribe contacts. PlusThis does have that function.

You’d need to be able to tag the contacts that meet your criteria and then configure the Automatic Unsubscribe feature in PlusThis to run the action off of that tag criteria.

Hope that helps!

Hi Markus,

This can be done with the API and the HTTP POST function. I’m not sure how the data comes into your system, but you could potentially use a campaign and the HTTP POST to send data to a script that changes the opt-out status if email domain is

API call: (not sure if it can be done in REST API, I use the older API quite a bit)

Any fairly competent web developer should be able to make the script for you.

Thank you. I’ll look into that. I do have PlusThis

That does take care of the opt-out action, but how do I make a condition:
" If email Address contains ‘’ " ?

That is the second part of the problem. How do I automatically apply the a tag (or execute an action) ONLY when the email address contains a certain value?

The decision diamonds in the campaigns do not allow me to test for the value of the email field and the legacy actions only allow me to test on the status of the email field, but not its value.

Any ideas?

I would search for that type of email first either through a decision diamond or through a Legacy action set and then run it through a sequence where the http post from PlusThis will create the unsubscribe.

Hope that makes sense.

Thanks. That’s my problem: Decision diamonds only provide extremely limited number of fields to test on, and email is not one of them.
Legacy Action sets do provide email as a field for conditions, but only let me test on their opt-in status and not on the actual value of the field. It’s driving me crazy! :wink:

What you’d need to do, @Markus_5_Star_Salt_C for the Action Set is apply a tag with a Rule created that will look for an email that contains ‘ That tag is then used in a decision diamond for the criteria which would be followed by a sequence with the PlusThis http post.

Thanks for all your help! :slight_smile:
I do not understand “with a Rule created” What is “a rule” in Infusionsoft? That’s what I can’t find: Where can I type in a condition (either in a campaign or anywhere else) where I can say “If the email field contains ‘’ then apply a tag (or do something else)”
Where can I create such a rule? (The only “rule” in a campaign I can find is the decision diamond)

Sorry. You were talking about Action Set Rules. I can find that, but if I create a rule there and add a criteria, and then pick the Email field, it only lets me test on the confirmation status of the field but not on the field CONTENT.

Rats…you are absolutely right…is sure doesn’t allow you to do a “contains” :frowning:

Any a regular search would be a one-time thing, not dynamic. I’m sorry, Mark.

I can’t understand why Infusionsoft refuses to use the email field (really the most important field in the entire software) to be used in a condition.
The fields available in the decision diamond make even less sense to me, why only allow 10 completely random fields for a decision diamond? That seems super-strange. Why exactly tose fields?

I’m considering a weird workaround and have PlusThis copy the email value into one of the fields I’m not using, such as “Job Title”, then test on that field, then have PlusThis erase that field again after the test.
Just came up with that idea and haven’t tried it yet, but that MAY just work.

I totally agree, @Markus_5_Star_Salt_C - and I was going to suggest the same thing…getting the email address in a custom field so that it can be used in the decision diamond. Good luck! Update us if the solutions works :slight_smile:

It looks like that’s working! :slight_smile:


I use for same result Zapier as it has has filter “Only continue if…”. I use it to filter out temporary e-mail service providers like this: