Can I unsubscribe someone automatically when a tag is set?

Hi, Ideally I want to fully unsubscribe someone when a specific tag is set.

It’s not the contact unsubscribing or setting this tag with an action. I want to set it as I connect a third party “front end” to infusionsoft via an API and when that CRM has the “Do Not Email” flag set it applies a tag to the record, BUT i’d like it to also unsubscribe the contact too. Is that possible?

Thanks, Allan.

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You can’t unsubscribe automatically natively, Allan - but you can do this through one of PlusThis features. We use it ourselves in a campaign that unsubscribes unengaged contacts after putting them through a re-engagement sequence.


Thanks Cheryl, we have Plus this and I never even thought about checking that. Thanks.

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Another option in case anyone is reading this and doesn’t have PlusThis would be to tag the contacts, and then keep a saved search on your dashboard for that group and manually run a mass update to opt them out once a week or so.

Step 4 in this article:


You could also use the tag that @Greg_Jenkins mentioned above and use it in your marketing as an exclusion tag (as discussed in another thread). That tag would be used to exclude people from future broadcasts, but also remove from any current campaigns, as well as filter out from any future ones (using decision diamonds).


hi - are the suggestions in here still the only ways to do this? I want to unsubscribe people who unsubscribe from other systems by tagging them then hopefully running a sequence to opt them out.

Is that still not possible without an add on? TIA