A Contacts Re-subscribes / Opt-ins again

Hi Guys,

Im facing a problem from contacts who once opted-out and later re-subscribed.
1.- Contact opts-in so “[Optin] Meditations” tag is added
2.- Later, the contact opts-out so “[Optout] Unsubscribed” tag is added
The problem with this was: I created a “contacts list search” that filters out contacts with tag “[Optout] Unsubscribed” to use when I send broadcasts. But then I noticed that some contacts came back and since they still had the tag, they weren’t receiving my emails, so I created a campaign:

The problem now is: This doesn’t work If the contact comes back through a landing page/optin form that he used before, the tag is not “re-added”, it stays as “the old tag” and then the campaign doesn’t trigger.
Example, in the following screenshot, I re-subscribed using the “[Optin] Updates” landing page, but the tag is not updated/re-added since it was already added days before.

Is there a way to fix this? Or maybe apply this idea in a different way?
Thank you for your help.

You need to either remove the ‘[Optin] Meditations’ entirely when they opt out, or create an ‘[Optin] Meditations - unsub’ tag and apply that/remove ‘[Optin] Meditations’ tag upon unsub. That will allow you to have the ‘[Optin] Meditations’ tag trigger upon future optin.