Use tag to unsubscribe from marketing

We are giving a presentation and providing a handout afterward that will be delivered electronically when requested. This is handled through a campaign. However, under agreement with the hosting company, we are not allowed to market to these contacts unless they initiate contact in another way.

Is there a way to tag them with a Do Not Mail tag that would unsubscribe them or prevent them from being included in any other campaigns?

I don’t want to manually unsubscribe them because then they would have to be manually subscribed and that’s too many leads to monitor manually. My hope is that a tag could trigger the same unsubscribe option that a contact could use via email, but do it automatically for this list. If that’s not possible, my other thought is that we could add the Do Not Mail tag as a filter in our other campaigns to skip those leads. I’ve never done that, so I’d need help with that set up if it’s possible.


The tag is the best way. If you do something inside the actual email settings, then you have to physically manually opt them back in or have them come in through a web form, which would be tedious.

If you just apply a tag to them for “DO NOT MARKET” or something, and then set that as a filter on your other campaigns as an immediate removal tag, then all you need to do is have that tag removed at any entry point in your system and they can flow freely as long as they contact you through other means.