Apply tag for opt-outs in a mailing campaign

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since I am still learning how to build e-mail campaigns on IS, I’m not quite sure how does it work if my contacts decide to unsubscribe from the mailing list.

The question is how can I add a tag to track those, who decided to opt-out from this specific campaign list (and not from the whole mailing list).

Also, do I need to configure a specific link in an e-mail for this?

Thanks a lot in advance!

The easiest way to do this is to insert a link above your signature that says “I’m not interested in this. Please remove me from this list”.

This is not an official ‘unsubscribe’ but just a list removal. You can have the link set up so that a tag is applied that will trigger the removal from that campaign (you could put a ‘stop’ tag goal at the end of the campaign and this tag could trigger that ‘stop’ tag to be applied). Image below.

Use this stop tag at the end of your sequence and then they will be pulled out of all preceding sequences and removed from the campaign.

Hope that helps.



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Thank you, Jeff!

I actually took the harder way to do it - I configured the opt-out link with an action to apply “optout” tag.
I wonder if it works the same way as your described link? (I also add a “stop” tag goal at the end of the campaign)


The only issue with setting it up with the ‘opt-out’ is that it will opt them out of all marketing campaigns.
With the way I described, it would only take them out of the given campaign, not your entire system.


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