Tweeking an Email broadcast list

I am sending out an email broadcast to a tagged group…however there are a couple of people that I do not want to get the email. Other than deleting their tag prior to sending, is there an easier way to generate the email broadcast and then go into the list and delete the ones I want?

@Priscilla_Hoover What might be easier is to create a exclusion tag. Apply the exclusion tag to anyone who shouldn’t get the broadcast emails. In your saved search, include the tag(s) you use for your broadcast and exclude anyone with the exclusion tag. Then you’ll just need to manually (or automatically) manage the exclusion tag. Make sense?


Yes, that makes sense. Thank you!

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Ok, I’m setting this up but don’t know how to apply an exclusion tag…


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Exclusion tags are basically setting up to mitigate with a decision diamond. So before any email you want to manage the sending/not sending for, you would have a decision diamond that says if the exclusion tag exists the go to this sequence (without the email) but if it doesn’t exist then go to the email sequence. That way, those contact with the exclusion tag will simply go to the sequence that does not send the email. After each sequence, if you would like, you can then return to the same place in the campaign lane or you could continue to manage them each differently.

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@Priscilla_Hoover There is no feature in Infusionsoft called an “exclusion tag”. Its basically just a tag you use to exclude people from a search. You can use tags in saved searches or in decision diamonds like John suggested above.

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This looks like a great opportunity for a help article. An “Exclusion Tag” isn’t something I’ve ever thought about. I’ll put something together next week and post a reply here.

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yeah, we’ve seen it used most often in mitigating when a contact comes through the same campaign twice but the client wants their contacts not to get the same emails etc…but it has a number of applications.

I’ve also had clients who use it when they’ve banned users from certain content, but they keep opting in or if they’ve purchased using an offer, it prevents them from getting a similar offer in the future. There are all sorts of uses for an exclusion tag.