How can I exclude contacts with a certain tag from campaigns?

Here’s what I’m trying to do:
We have webinars that people register for through webinarjam. When registered, webinar registered tag is applied. If they attend, then webinar registered is replaced with webinar attended. If they miss the webinar, then webinar registered is replaced with webinar missed tag.

However, I am finding that some of our existing customers are attending the same webinar that would effectively be selling them on what they already own.

How can I exclude the customer tag from the campaign? Meaning, if they have the webinar missed tag as well as the customer tag, the campaign will not send the follow-up emails to watch the webinar replay?

Essentially something like this:


The decision diamond looks for the presence of a tag that indicates they have gone through this place before. If it’s the first time through then set that tag at the end of that sequence. The next and successive times through, the decision diamond rules will route them through the “do nothing” sequence that can just pull them out to the exit tag if you wish, or do something different for those having already gone through before.

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Thanks! Chat Support was confusing me like crazy with this. This is super simple this way.


How can this be done for normal broadcasts? For instance, could I include people with certain tags, but exclude them if they also contain a tag I don’t want to send to?


If you apply your tags conditionally then you can silo a list by those tags. You would then probably have to run two broadcasts instead of one but that would really be the only way to handle the conditions.

Is there now a way to exclude tags as Cameron asked?