How to exclude certain tagged contacts from campaigns?

I am trying to create a campaign targeted at everyone in my contacts except certain people tagged by ‘attended once’.

I wouldn’t use that approach as it would be very difficult. Can you apply a second tag that indicates the ones that don’t get the first? Then that tag (the second one) can then be used to enter them into the campaign (which would be the ones without the first tag)

Wait so there is not any logical ‘not’ function in the process building?
I did this exact process on Property Base where I used the following logic.
For all contacts, if they are not yet emailed send email campaign
Where the contacts were tagged ‘already emailed’, and the rest had no tag.

Is there no way to doing this in Infusionsoft?

The “not function” is to apply a tag to those that are NOT in the first case :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s the same logical process but just isn’t packaged where you are expecting it to be…it will work exactly the same logically.

It’s best to avoid comparing one product to the next especially when they are not designed to be the same thing… out company did this starting out and it created difficulties at meetings as we were to set in the ways we thought things should be to see the ways they worked. properly.

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