Sending broadcast but exuding contacts based on tags


I want to send a broadcast to my contacts but there are two groups of people that I don’t want to receive the email. The first group are those with the tag “XYZ”, and the second group are those that have BOTH of tags of “YEAR” and tag “THIS MONTH”. How do I do a search so each of these groups does not receive the broadcast?

I can’t seem to figure out how to do the search properly to exclude those contacts.




You won’t be able to do that all at once. Create a new tag called ‘has both - year and this month’. Then run a search for those folks and apply that new tag.

Then, go to your broadcast and enter ‘doesn’t have …’ and enter both the xyz tag and the new tag u just created. That will exclude both groups of folks.

If you don’t need the tag you just created after sending, you can go in and delete it (after the send is done).

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