Prevent Contacts from Receiving Marketing Emails

Is there a way to add a list of contacts to a list that prevents them from receiving marketing type of emails.

I have set up a system that send emails to people within the company for internal communication. I use various campaigns to send this stuff out about meeting reminders.

HOWEVER, I don’t want these contacts to receive general marketing emails we send out to the FULL list. Since they are a contact they’d be included in this full list. Is there a way to prevent certain contacts from receiving any of these types of emails? Possible to put them on a no-marking list. What’s the easiest way to handle this?

The easiest way is to tag them with an identifying tag, then when you send your ‘marketing’ stuff, just choose “and don’t have any of these tags” and choose that tag.

That will exclude them.


Following up on Jeff’s suggestion, that’s exactly what we do. We created a specific functional tag that gets added to the contact record if the person asked to stop receiving advertising emails. In any promotional mailings we make sure to exclude people with that tag.