Moving Unsubscribe Link

My company uses the classic HTML email builder. Right now the unsubscribe link is the default that Infusionsoft provides. I know I can’t move Infusionsoft’s default opt-out link, so I would like to create my own code that I can insert within the frame of my email, and customize the look and feel of it. Can anyone help me do this? Using the ‘footer’ block within the drag and drop builder is not an option.

Check out the video in this post:

At the 5 minute mark I show you how to make your own Confirmation Link, which obviously is not what you want, but the process is identical for creating your own custom unsubscribe link.

Then, you can follow the rest of the steps to use that link however you like. Hope this helps!


Great video, Greg! Thanks for the information.

Does this approach work with the new email builder?

Sure does! You just need to capture the merge field from the templates area, then copy and paste it into the new builder.

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