Is there a way to add an additional Unsubscribe link in the new email builder?

So, I want to add a little snippet at the top of all emails with a reminder of why people are receiving it (they’ve opt-ed in) and a one-button unsubscribe (similar to what is in the footer).

Now I did a bunch of Googling and see that in the legacy email builder you could copy in a little bit of code that you create in the Marketing > Settings > Automation Links. I created the additional opt-out, tried the work-around suggested in several online videos and finally got the Unsubscribe link and text to show up in the new email builder, but the formatting is all wonky and it looks terrible.

So, now I’m stumped, and frustrated so I’m just going to ask: Is there a way to add an additional Opt-out in the new email builder? OR is there a way to get the link from the Unsubscribe in the footer so that I could just link the whole sentence I want to serve as an additional Opt-out?

Thanks in advance!

Create an optout automation link under marketing settings and use that for the unsubscribe link with the link provided for that automation link.

Hi there, thanks for responding! By link, do you mean the ~Opt-Outxx~ snippet with xx being the number? Because that is what I already tried and the formatting for it shows up large/wonky in the new email builder.


Once you create the automation link, go into your email builder and click the merge button in the upper right. There will be a ‘links’ option that will popup a window and allow you to select the unsubscribe you just created.

Hi again John,

I’ve created the new unsubscribe, but when I go into the new email builder, and click ‘merge’ as you suggested, I don’t get an option to insert a link at all. I’ve attached a screenshot of the drop-down list I get when I click ‘merge’.

I should have specified. The email builder I’m referring to is for your email templates. Once creating that template, in the new builder you can then import the “legacy” template with the link in it.

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Ahh, that’s brilliant! I knew about how to create it in the template builder, but never thought about importing it into the new email builder. Thank you so much!

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Mandy, did this work for you? My imports were dropping the optin links. Thanks for the insight!

Hi Julie!

Man, I’m sorry, I thought I had updated this with my discovery back when it happened. I also couldn’t get it to work, despite days of finicky trying things, experiments, and general hair-pulling-out frustration.

Finally, it was confirmed by support that it is not possible to add a second unsubscribe link in the new builder and there are no plans to add this feature.

One possible work around it so link the additional unsubscribe text to an opt-out tag, and manually remove those people at pre-determined times (weekly, monthly, etc.)

In case this is helpful - I haven’t tried it yet but it’s next on my list!

(And thanks Mandy for getting back to me!)