Remove/Disable default footer (unsubscribe + company) info


I just designed a custom HTML template for our confirmation and welcome email. I did it in the new email template builder (create HTML email). No issues there.

When I did the final test by sending a real email to my test accounts I noticed that Infusionsoft automatically adds a footer with an unsubscribe + company info section. Please see the screen for reference -

As you can see I already have the custom added footer with the unsubscribe option. I don’t need an additional one.

Can you please tell me how to remove or disable the default footer?

I would like to use the custom part I made and not the “ugly” default one.

It’s there because of CANN-SPAM requirements. It cannot be removed or modified.

Unfortunately, that is a default for all Infusionsoft emails and cannot be removed.



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Thank you for your answers.