Issues with the new email builder's unsubscribe footer

The new email builder’s unsubscribe footer has some serious issues. I’ve contacted Keap Support about them several times over the last 2 months but have been told there’s no plan at this time to make any changes to the footer but the Support folks agree that these are indeed issues that need to be addressed:

  1. You can’t edit the color, font, or style of the text in the unsubscribe footer. This makes it so the footer detracts from the content of our emails to customers because it’s too dark, not the same font and style, etc. The old email builder did such a better job with this!
  2. The apostrophes in our text in the new footer disappear so it’s now grammatically incorrect. The old email builder allowed this and made the unsubscribe footer look so much better: less obtrusive in the grey text color, allowed us to say what we want to say, and held the proper grammar markings.
  3. The new email builder doesn’t allow us to create separate paragraphs like the old one did. This makes the text run together too much and it looks horrible and very difficult for our customers to read.
    As I understand it, the old email builder is going to be phased out sometime this year and everything old and new will be in this new email builder platform. For our emails to look presentable, these issues need to be addressed. THANK YOU!