Opting contacts in

I have some clients using Gravity forms feeds to add contacts. This works fine.

However, if the contact is opted out (either themselves or via Optout: admin) when they fill in an opt in form , this status doesn’t change and Infusionsoft still can’t email them.

Can this be done using either of the Wordpress GF > IS feeds?

In short, no.

The api cannot, under any conditions, re-opt a contact back in after being opted out.

If the client themselves opted out, then they can re-opt back in using an Infusionsoft hosted form (not a gravity form).

If the client was admin opted out, the only recourse is to manually opt them in by hand.

I’ve just come up against this exact problem myself… Do you think there would be a way to do a test if the email is Opt-Out status, and if so, send a notification to an admin user? As much as I would love to, I just can’t get comfortable with either the Infusionsoft Wordpress Plugin, or the horrible amount of time it takes to get an unstyled HTML form code prepped for insertion into a page in Wordpress.

Short version: I really want to continue using Gravity Forms, so I’m wondering if this could be handled by exception than rule…?

You can setup email status automations to raise a tag when someone is opted out (or admin opted out as well) and use that to kick a campaign sequence off that sends you an email notice.

OK, thanks for that.