Is there a way to send emails in a campaign to a user normally? not as marketing

I have been trying to create a campaign that sends emails to other users that are invited by a user that purchased a service, I’m using the campaign builder but whenever the campaign runs but the email does not send saying “there is no evidence that this person has consented to receive marketing”, technically what I’m creating is not marketing since it is a paid service and the recipient is invited to partake in it, so is there a workaround or a setting

How are you getting the invited friends’ contact records into Keap?

infusedwoo custom fields

Several things you could try …

First, and probably easiest, is you could try using Automation Recipes instead of the Custom Fields.
This may (big “may” here) add the email as ‘unconfirmed’ instead of ‘unmarketable’ to the system, which would accomplish your goal.
Just set up your criteria and in the ‘action’ area choose ‘update / add contact record in Infusionsoft’ and feed in the custom infused woo field.

Test it - it may just do exactly what the custom field add does.

If that doesn’t work, you could do an automation recipe to do an API ping to Keap to add the email address and in that API call you could say that the person has opted in. That would mark them ‘unconfirmed’, which again, would get you where you want to be.

If you can’t do those and you have Zapier or Integromat you could feed that field out and feed it back and and mark it as ‘marketable’ when you feed it back in — rendering it ‘unconfirmed’ so you can send it emails.

Finally, I’d say that if those don’t work, you could use one of the two above pieces of software or PlusThis and feed the custom fields out and create a new contact from them and feed the customer who purchased into that new contact’s custom fields as the ‘referrer’ and then send that contact emails saying “So and So referred you”, so instead of sending emails to a custom field, you would be sending email to the primary email field and the referrer’s name would be coming from the custom field.