Connecting Infusionsoft to Website Webforms/Managing Entered data destinations


New to Keap. Looking to learn more about how exactly Keap connects to existing webforms on a wordpress/pronto site, in terms of receiving data entered into a webforms on that site. Is there a specific resource that details this?

Also, when that information is sent to Keap -via entry on a webform submitted on a wordpress/pronto site- how do I then ensure or get Keap to automate sending a follow up email to a specific place (my company) to show me a lead has been added and what details they submitted?




If you are using a native Keap “Webform” — a specific action item inside a campaign - then you will insert the Unstyled HTML code from that form into your website.

If you do it that way, then the data is all kept inside Keap, as the form that is submitted is technically inside Keap, but sits in your website almost like picture-in-picture. At that point, you would just set up a Sequence to follow that Webform goal inside the campaign builder and send yourself an email with whatever fields you want.

If you are asking the ‘best’ way to integrate a WordPress site with Keap, then my suggestion would be to use Gravity Forms on your WP site and then integrate with Keap using either Integromat, Zapier, or CRM Perks. I recommend this functionality because using GF is FAR easier (and looks better) than the native Keap webforms. In those cases, you would set up the GF on your site, then use the ‘bridge’ integration with one of these systems to take the data from GF and feed into Keap. From that, you can apply a Tag that will trigger your sequence in your campaign builder and you can send yourself an email from that sequence.


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Hi Jeff,

Thank you for the quick response! Very helpful. I’ll look more into these options.

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I use SquareSpace for our teams sites and for our landing pages and then a Zapp from SS Form to Keap to create a new Contact with a campaign tag. My issue is I need to know how to assign the Contact in Keap. So in my SS form on the landing page I grab a URL variable I pass to the landing page as each of our reps has their own URL to that page. The variable I pass is their Keap UserID and I place it in a hidden field on my SS form. The problem is, in the Zapp theres no available field for the Keap UserID to pass that form field to.

Any thoughts on how to pass it to Keap and cause the contact to get assigned?


You could either set up a custom field in Keap to capture that info, then run a decision diamond behind it segment/assign the lead.

You could also set up a more complex Zap that would take that UserID, ping Keap with an API request to ‘get users’, then set it up so that the Zap would assign the owner to the person who matches the UserID that is in that field.