Populate landing page with ~Contact.Birthday~ merge field?

Hi I am trying to get the following workflow to work:

  1. Contact gets an email asking to add/verify their birthdate
  2. They click “yes” in the email agreeing to add birthdate and are presented with a form that has all of their ISF contact details
  3. They update their birthday record and click “update” to submit form
  4. They are redirected to a ISF landing page that says “~Contact.Birthday~ - got it!” in the headline, so they know the submission was successful

I think my ISF landing page may need some JS in order to capture the merge field onto the page?

Thanks, jen

@Jen_Gordon, is the landing page that shows the ~Contact.Birthday~ merge field created with the new landing page builder? If so, it isn’t able to receive contact data yet so the merge fields won’t work like they did with the old landing page builder.


Hi @Cheryl_Hunt thanks for responding yes it is being built with the new landing page builder! Do you know when the merge field functionality will be ready?

@Jen_Gordon, I don’t :frowning: I’m waiting for it as well. This can easily be done with the old landing page builder, thought so I am just continuing using that for those situations for now. Hopefully soon!!