MergeFields in Webforms & Landing Pages

Requesting the addition of Merge Fields in Webforms and Landing Pages. i’ve requested this in the past and now Dates can be added to forms and pages as static text.
My full request is to allow us the option of using all of the other fields in our account as Merge Fields in Webforms and Landing Pages.
Reason: Many times we use Webforms for existing contacts to update information or to add information to their profile. As an example, I’ve created a webform for existing contacts to register for an event or an upcoming product. I prefer to show their name on the form. Currently the name can only be on the form as a field, allowing it to be changed. If someone changes the name (and they do) it causes unneeded aggravation because the Name fields in the profile are now changed. I’d really like the option of putting their name on the form as a Merge Field so it cannot be changed.
This also happens when a contact pays for a product using a credit card with someone elses name on it. It changes the name in the profile to the name on the credit card.
Is this request too much?

To make feature requests, you’ll want to submit the request using the ‘tellus’ page, rather than in the support forum. Some IS employees do monitor the support forum, of course, but they’re not the direct feature request path for IS.

I totally agree. I desperately need to be able to show email preferences status such as subscribed or unsubscribed to newsletters for better list hygiene. I just submitted this request. If others also need this feature, please submit your request here -