Using Merge Fields with Hidden Fields in Web Forms

I have been creating a few different web forms lately and trying to utilize the hidden fields option to ensure that one particular form stays connected with a specific contact (so it does not create a duplicate record or attach the form with a different or new contact record). However, when I try to use the merge field (ex. ~Contact.Email~) in the hidden field for it to populate the appropriate contact’s email, it always comes back with an invalid email error message when the form is submitted. I guess my main question is do merge fields have the ability to work in the hidden fields?

Some extra context that may help: I am having the form populate with information connected with the contact record when opened from an Infusionsoft email. If I don’t use a hidden field and allow the information to populate in a normal field, the form does exactly what I want it to do. However, it would be more ideal if the information was hidden because the person completing this particular form does not need to see it and I do not want to run the risk of them changing it out, thus messing up who the form would get linked to.