Linking the First Email Field to the 2nd Email Field using a Web Form

So we have run into an issue where a contact fills out a form (the contact has been in Infusionsoft) uses the same first and last name but then uses a different email address. This then creates a new contact with the same name, but different email address. In another instance, the contact (already in Infusionsoft) fills out a form and uses their 2nd email address – this 2nd email address is already in their contact information, but still it creates a new contact record. I was wondering if it would be possible to link the first email field to the 2nd when creating a web form to help cut back on the creation of duplicate contact records. The goal here is that Infusionsoft will recognize the email in the first email field and 2nd email field in the contact’s information. Therefore, not creating a duplicate contact record. Is this even possible? I talked to Infusionsoft Support and they said that it might be possible.

Hi @Rachel_Gifford,

Out of the box, no, it’s not directly possible. There is the merge feature but I don’t believe it will correlate the first and second email addresses. It is possible with the api, however. A script can be written to handle those conditions and merge the contact as soon as a new contact is created. Being a programmer, it may be that I see programming solutions first, so I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of other options, but I can’t think of anything really practical at the moment other than an http post to a script when a contact is newly created.