How do I link a current contact to info submitted through a web form

We are building an API to pull contact data from members that enroll in my company’s app. We intent to pull all basic membership info from our app database into Infusionsoft, to allow for marketing and other activities.

In addition, these members have the ability to upgrade to a subscription membership, and the app directs them to a webform on our website. What I want to do is ensure that I can link this basic member (which has already been added to infusionsoft through the API) to their contact info when they complete the webform to upgrade to a subscription membership.

Does that make sense? I don’t want to have two contacts in the database now, I want to link this upgrading contact to the existing contact account in Infusionsoft, and I’m wondering how to do that. I have a few thoughts but would love some guidance. Thanks

Lou Morin

Hi @Lucien_Morin, are you using an Infusionsoft web form or are you using some other form solution?