Hidden email field in web form not working

Good morning Keap community,

I know this is not a new issue and one that has been discussed before, but unfortunately there’s been no solution presented so far. Talking to Keap support, they seem to believe it’s a setup issue rather than a technical issue.

All of our marketing emails (all sent through Keap of course) contain a link to a webform to manage email preferences. The webform contains a hidden field for email 1, which is the first element at the top of the web form.

Unfortunately, Keap creates a new contact every time this webform is filled out. That new contact record has an empty email value.

Some settings:

  • This is enabled: Auto-populate this form with a Contact’s information when visited from an Keap-delivered email.
  • Duplicate checking: Check using the person’s email address

We work with Keap Max Classic (Infusionsoft).

If you have any ideas, please let me know. I ran out of ideas on what might fix this issue…

Kind regards,

Are you feeding the email to the form as a parameter at the end of the url? If not, probably won’t catch it in the form.


I am not using a URL here. The webform is connected directly.

From what I understand, it should work like this if it comes from an Infusionsoft

When I was trained as a certified partner I was told specifically to never use anything except for the unscripted HTML, and every single time I’ve ever had to feed in information to be captured in the form we had to include parameters.

Someone else may have other info, but that’s how I’ve used it successfully.



Please review the following link settings used below to successfully automatically populate the hidden email address field on a Keap Webform when those links are clicked from a Keap email, using Keap Max Classic:

A. The hidden email address field was successfully automatically populated through the following types of links in Keap emails:

Text links and button links to the Webform via Keap’s email builder interface:

Text links and button links directly to the Webform URL:

(None of the links above had additional URL parameters included during email setup.)

B. The ‘Email’ field on the webform was hidden, with a blank value for ‘Field Value’:

C. The form was set to auto-populate the form and to check for duplicates by email address:

Every test that was run using the configuration above successfully passed the email address to the hidden field on the Keap form, which updates the existing contact record, instead of creating a new contact record upon form submission.

Email tests included both adding a contact manually to a campaign sequence with the email, as well as using the ‘Test’ dropdown to send a test to both a Keap user and to another email address not associated with a Keap user.

Please consider running some tests using the settings above. When successful, the email address should show up on the hidden field when viewing the source of the form, after clicking the link from the email: