Question on how to pass back to webform hidden value

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I have 2 areas on my site where I’d like to capture email information. I’d like to know from which of the 2 areas they filled the information. is there a place where I can put a hidden code on the form and pass it back to infusionsoft with the webform? For instance, if they fill their info on top of the page, I’d like a ‘1’ to be passed back, if they fill it on the bottom I’d like a ‘2’ passed back. I can later use this to see which one works best.

Any ideas?

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Create a custom field called “SplitTest” or whatever you want to call it.
Open your webform inside Infusionsoft.
Click “Field Snippets” - Add that custom field as a hidden field to your form.
Save / republish your campaign.

On your website, add the custom field to both web forms. The “name” of the field must match the custom field name and it is case-sensitive.

Form #1 <input type="hidden" name="inf_custom_SplitTest" value="1">
Form #2 <input type="hidden" name="inf_custom_SplitTest" value="2">

So basically - you hard coded a hidden custom field in your form so you know which one was submitted.


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One additional consideration would be to generate a note template containing the info.

Use the note step in the sequence that follows the form submit

Title and description can contain merge values.

This way if more than one for is submitted you will have a date timestamp and the contents of the note for future needs and reporting.

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