Placing 65th birthday date into custom field without 3rd party

I receive new contacts from an Infusionsoft landing page that includes the contacts Date Of Birth. I am trying to figure out a way to automatically enter the date of their 65th birthday into a custom field (65Bd) upon submitting without using (paying for) a third party add on. Is this possible?

I found someone on Fiverr that said sure with a HTML script. Then after viewing the testing (and paying for HTML script) they tell me that the script can not be placed into an Infusionsoft landing page. If this is possible - out of my realm of expertise - I have the script please just tell me how.

Just FYI, first time posting here but really appreciate all the knowledge gained so far. Thanking you in advance for your help.


Who is telling you that an html script can’t be placed on a landing page? You should be able to add it with an HTML snippet in the landing page builder.

And if you have a custom field for their 65th birthday, then you could pop the value into that field. Conceptually it’s totally possible.

Feel free to provide more context about the ask here, I’m curious about the use case, as there may be an easier way.

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Thank you for the response/answer. The person that told me that the script could not be installed into the Infusionsoft (IS) landing page was a highly rated person for IS campaigns on Fiverr. I have his screen name for Fiverr and would be glad to private message it to you if necessary.

I am in the insurance business focusing towards people nearing retirement. I start marketing to people around the age of 55+. I have a number of products that I can start marketing to people 6 months before they turn 65 (legal requirement - can not market more than 6 months prior to 65 bday). I have the date of birth for all people that have responded to marketing and these continue to come in.

My request to person on Fiverr was “I have contacts/campaign that include their date of birth. I have a campaign that drips on the contacts 6 months before their 65th birthday until their 65th birthday. I am currently adding contacts 65th bday date to this campaign manually. I am looking for a trigger/event that would ad a tag to my contacts 6 months before their 65th birthday. Basically I just want to calculate / enter their 65 birthday into a custom field when they enter there date of birth. Is this possible without a third party add on like PlusThis?”

To this he responded yes and sent me the JavaScript below (Disclaimer: earlier I said that it was a HTML script where it is actually a JavaScript - I earlier said HMTL was out of my realm of expertise - I guess I just showed that) and he installed it in an IS test campaign in my IS account. He also sent me a youtube video of the script working from a landing page. When I went to test the IS campaign it populated the Name, email, Date of Birth field submitted into the IS webform but did not populate the 65Bd custom field (the custom field that was supposed to be populated with the date someone would turn 65). When I asked him about this he said that the video he sent did not use an IS landing page but a third party landing page and the script would not work with IS landing page because you were not able to put a script into an IS landing page. I really did not know what type of landing page it was. Honestly I just let it go because it was only a few dollars and not worth the time to fight over the cost. But, I still have the problem


I really have no idea what this script does, if anything, but it is what he had on the webforms Code page in my IS account. Here is a link to the Youtube video he sent Date of Birth - YouTube

Again, thank you for your help.

I am sorry in my earlier post I pasted what I thought was the script I was provided. this was incorrect the HMTL code I was provided is below:

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Hey Garry, I’m sorry you’re having some frustration with this. I hate feeling helpless, and when I’m facing a technical problem that is over my head, I often end up feeling that way.

My recommendation for this would be hiring someone to sit down and discuss this with you. @John_Borelli might be a good option, I’ve seen him solve creative problems like this before.

Another option might be the team over at Capsule 5, they work specifically with Insurance Agencies that use Infusionsoft, and their team is really qualified as well.

I have definitely seen people have good luck on Fiverr, but more often than not, it doesn’t compare to what you get with an Infusionsoft Partner.

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Hey Garry,

NovakSolutions has a DateMath tool that will do exactly what you want.
You can use DateMath for free for life on the free service tier.

Hi @Garry_Pakozdy,

So technically, the guy was correct about not being able to place a script within an Infusionsoft landing page. Not because it generally isn’t accepted and used practice, but specifically because IS has not given that ability at this time. There is, however, a work around. The thank you page can have a url set to what you want. In this case, if it’s pointed to a script (on your server) with the email for the contact passed to it, then the bd65 field would then be able to get set by the script which then would again re-direct to the actual thank you page, without using a third party product.

make sense?

Hi Garry, we actually recommend using our friends at Novak Solutions date math tool that does exactly what you want. The same link Jordan pasted :slight_smile:

Check it out - Tools — Novak Solutions

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Almost makes sense but I have these questions. You mention “if it’s pointed to a script (on your server)” I do not have a server and my website (a cookie cutter site with my info added) can not host a landing page. With this knowledge is this problem something you could solve for me and if so approximately how much would it cost?

Thank you Jordan

Thank you Joshua

I’m not equipped to host solutions but Amazon servers are free up to 750 use hours a month. In practical terms, that means that if you only expect a low number of use then it won’t cost anything. If you have thousands of times that you would need to call this then it might. Generally, suitable servers would only cost about $15 per month anyway and you would have the benefit of being able to host a website or use the database services on it as well so that might be something you’d want to consider.

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I am very new with IS but could you not just make a campaign with the actual birthday field…with a timer 12 months after their birthday year field tagged to year 1 and each campaign flow into the next campaign until year 9 and then only 6 months timer. A task then sent to you to remind them of their 65 or enter into a 65th campaign? I use fields to remind people of their subscriptions coming due and if you know they are 55 it would be fairly straight forward to make campaigns for 10 years flowing into each other.