Help! Contact.Id merge field on Landing Page Widget

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I’m hoping to send the contact ID to ScheduleOnce using the new landing page widget in campaign builder. But when I put the merge field into the redirect URL, the information isn’t passed onto the next page.

Here’s the use case. A new lead enters onto the landing page from my website. I ask them for some information and tag them based on user supplied information. Then they hit “Schedule Meeting” which redirects them to ScheduleOnce’s landing page. (So the majority of users will not have been already entered into IS.)

Here’s the URL I’m using as my redirect:

Here’s what the URL on the redirect page looks like:

So you see? The merge field doesn’t pull across the contact ID! Can you assist?

Mike Shirley

If you’re testing from the builder then it wouldn’t know what contact to replace the merge field with. You would have to test it by actually running a contact through the sequence.

I’ve published the page and then traveled to the the landing page using the supplied live landing page URL. I’ve then entered bogus contact information into the form, hit submit, and been redirected to the ScheduleOnce landing page. The results are: On the ScheduleOnce landing page I don’t get the contact ID in the URL, but I do get whatever information was entered into the form passed into the URL I see on the ScheduleOnce landing page.

It might be worth noting that this same use case works exceptionally well with a webform. But before we start talking workarounds - I’m looking for ideas about how to pass the Contact.Id through the URL redirect using the landing page widget in campaign builder. Doing this allows ScheduleOnce to securely pull across the user’s contact information for booking.

After speaking with the landing page widget team directly through their support chat, I’ve been led to believe that passing the contact.ID through a merge field in the redirect URL is not a function they support right now and that they will add it to the list of features to add later. But it’s definitely not on their ‘priority’ list according to the individual I spoke with.

Maybe work arounds are all I got right now?


So then I would redirect to a script (I’m a programmer so code is what I think of first…there may be another way) that passes the email address to the script. Then the api can be used to send forward to your thank you page with the real contact id number.

Right. I think that would probably do it. But because I’m not a programmer, I think I’m probably going to look more closely at the available use-cases to see if can create a good user experience and capture lead information while making an appointment with them. This being my first attempt, I wouldn’t be surprised if I were making it harder than it needs to be.

Also I work with a marketing company that made my website. They can probably make landing pages that’ll pass the :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Michael_Shirley, I use ScheduleOnce and talked extensively with their developers a few months ago and the ?soisContactID=~Contact.Id~ extension just doesn’t work with the new landing page builder…it’s not built to pass the contact Id. For those reasons, I stick with the older landing page builder in Infusionsoft. Frustrating but there isn’t anything on SO’s end that they can do.

@Cheryl_Hunt By older landing page builder, are you referring to webforms? Otherwise, yes, your testimony confirms what I’ve learned about this. How do you combine user supplied information for tagging, scheduling information, and keep it to a simple user experience?

I know of the variety of widgets, buttons, and options ScheduleOnce has for assigning SO fields with IS fields. I’m just interested in your opinion for best experience. Thanks Cheryl!

No, there is the new landing page builder and the original campaign landing page goal widget which uses a native web form.

I use the Scheduled and Completed tagging integrations with Infusionsoft inside ScheduleOnce to use as campaign goals which trigger other followup actions within the campaign.

@Cheryl_Hunt So native landing page collects user supplied info → ScheduleOnce sets up meeting and tags → and then user is sent to some confirmation page?

Do you think the user experience is ideal with the three page setup?

Works for us. Example, someone goes to our Consult page. They enter their info in an Infusionfoft form so we can followup if they don’t schedule. That form submission redirects to a page on our site with the ScheduleOnce calendar embedded on it - their details are passed to the calendar using the extensions SO gives so they don’t even have to enter them again. That can redirect to a custom page on your site if you want…just add that in the form settings area of SO.

Once they schedule, a tag is applied which meets a goal in our campaign…they get no reminders to schedule but do get some homework via emails. When the appt is completed, another tag completes a goal, other actions run.

That’s really good to know. Thanks for your help, Cheryl.

Glad to help, @Michael_Shirley. It can get a little complicated. Don’t hesitate to reach out to ScheduleOnce support. I’ve always found them to be really helpful too :slight_smile:

I was successful using this.
ID=[[contact.uid|url_encode]], chained up to a link like URL encoded variables.

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Funciono, gracias