New Landing Page / Schedule Once Integration

I am using schedule once for scheduling. I want to do the following.
Create a landing page in Infusion Soft with a Thank you page.
The user will enter their contact info on the first form and be directed to the Thank You page.
The thank you page will display the Schedule Once form.

This seems simple but it does not seem to work. This link provided by schedule once describes the process using the Old Landing Page Builder. It does not work by the way.

I am most interested in the section “Redirect to an Infusionsoft Thank you page”

One concrete thing is the ~Contact.ID~ is not filled out.


Yes, I’ve brought this same scenario up as well, @Peter_D_Jones. @Dhruv_Patel, can you speak to this at all? ScheduleOnce’s URL’s are coded in a way that passes the contact ID when using as an Infusionsoft web form, older landing page builder, or order form thank you redirect URL…but not with the new landing page builder.

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It would be great to have a solution to this now.

Hey Cheryl,
I am having a bad time with embedding the ScheduleOnce in the thankyou page of the old landing page builder. The Contact.Id is there but nothing displays. I narrowed the code down to a simple page which still displays nothing. The element size seems to be 0x0. Do you have any thoughts?

Peter, I just use the code that ScheduleOnce supplies and don’t change it at all.

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That is what I did and it literaly does not work. O well.

I’m sorry, Peter. I would call ScheduleOnce and let them walk you through it. I’ve just followed their support articles.

Hey Cheryl,
They got back to me and showed me the error of my ways :slight_smile: I was thinking too much. Assuming I get this to work I would be left using the old landing page builder which is crippled compared to the new one EXCEPT for the vital ability to pass the Contact Id. Arghhhhh. I hope that infusion soft prioritize the passing of fields, especially this one between pages in the new builder.

Thanks for getting back to me.



Agreed, Peter. The new landing page builder can pass contact fields, just not the contact ID which is what Schedule Once needs. But I’m glad you at least understand how it works on web form thank you pages and old landing page thank you pages :slight_smile: