Thank you page

The thank you page for the landing page doesn’t work…lately it’s a lot of things not working.

Yeah, I was noticing that too. They’ve changed how the thank you page works. When you open the landing page editor (which is now called “Site Builder”) on the left column on the bottom it should say “Manage Pages.” You can build a Thank-You page on there.

Then, on the original landing page, there is a “redirect” dropdown menu that allows you to select that new page as a thank you page, or an external URL.

@Logan_G where do you see the “redirect” dropdown menu on the original page?

The “redirect” dropdown looks like its only available when you have a form or button on the landing page. When you have the form or button selected, it will show up in the right hand column.

Hi Logan,

I have done all those things. I have used Infusionsoft Landing Page on my wordpress site to create the page on my site. The form is set to redirect to the thank you page in the site builder but when testing the landing page when it redirects it says Error 404 page not found?

Hmm, thats a great question. I don’t have experience with embedding it on websites. @martinc, any advice for Gio?

Your site looks great by the way! I just created a Wordpress site and know how time consuming it is, good job.

Thanks, I have used infusionsoft landing page plugin. When using the infusionsoft link it redirects to the thank you page, when using my site address it doesn’t.

This may have to do with the WP plug-in not being updated after they changed the way the landing page builder /site builder works. The person who created the plug-in got frustrated after an update that broke his plug-in and stopped supporting it.

Same here. No update on this one since April?

Can anybody from Keap help?

I just spent over an hour on the phone with a rep and they didn’t even seem to know that this was a known issue. This used to work with no issues. Has anyone found a solution? I’m being told I need to hire a web developer to figure out how to embed the thank you page on my site.

This issue was created when Keap made it possible to add a Thank You page to the same page building as the landing page and giving you the option of linking directly to that internal page or redirecting to an external page. Now, when the landing page attempts to redirect to the internal Thank You page, it adds “/thank-you” onto the end of the original URL. In other words, if your landing page URL is then it will redirect you to the Thank You page
The problem this causes is that if you have a Wordpress site and are taking a Wordpress URL and redirecting to the Infusionsoft URL so that your URL structure looks the same, it confuses the redirect. In other words, if you Wordpress landing page URL is www.mysite/promo and that redirects to the infusionsoft page, when someone fills out the form and the system attempts to deliver the Thank You page, it tries to redirect them to www.mysite/promo/thank-you, but that URL doesn’t exist because you can’t set up a redirect for the Thank You page, only the main page.
So, the options are:

  1. Infusionsoft fixes this so it works properly.
  2. You create a separate landing page, either in Infusionsoft or Wordpress and redirect your form to that external URL instead of an internal page.
  3. When publishing the page, select the “custom domain” tab and create a subdomain for the page. The URL structure of a subdomain will work for this. It is a pain to set up and isn’t bad with one or two landing pages, but if you do a lot of landing pages it is a time suck.
    I hope that helps.