New Landing Pages and WordPress: Thank you page not working

Hi! I created a NEW Landing Page and added to my WordPress site using the Infusionsoft Landing Pages Plug-in. The landing page works and looks great, however, I get a Page Not Found for the thank you page after submitting a form. When I go directly to the landing page’s original URL and submit the form, the thank you page works fine. Can anyone help?

I have been trying to reach the landing page support team to no avail.

Same problem here! Would love a solution.

Here is what I got from support and it worked:

Please use the original URL that was produced for you on the LAUNCH page ( and add /thank-you.html at the end in the form redirect option.

For example, when you click on your form and select the REDIRECT OPTION , pick the URL option instead of the PAGE IN FUNNEL option and then type

You’d want to replace the “long-characters” part with your original url. Then re-publish the page. This should work. Please let me know.

Thanks! This worked!


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