Do not want to take users to Thank You page after Opting In

I am using FormLift in Wordpress with my Infusionsoft opt-in forms. After the form is submitted, FormLift shows a little “Success!” message under the submit button, which is perfect for my purposes. Unfortunately, Infusionsoft requires that I designate a thank you page to send visitors to after submission. I tried putting a “#” in place of a URL, hoping that it would just do nothing, but that sends me to a blank browser window. Currently, I have the TY URL reloading the page that the form is on, but I would prefer not to do that for obvious reasons. Does anyone know of a workaround?

@Debbie_Lonergan, have you asked Adrian this on the Formlift Facebook Group?

Good suggestion. I did. He said they tried at one point to create a workaround, but Infusionsoft blocked it. :frowning: