Web Forms Thank You Responses


We are using a WordPress plugin called FormLift to sync., display and send our IS web forms. It ties in with the API and seems to work really well.

When our Web Forms are submitted we see there are two option open to us:

  1. to redirect to a Thank you page web address of our choosing
  2. to redirect to a thank you page on IS’s website

What we would like to be able to do:

  1. an Ajax call to simply return a response saying message was sent (or not)
  2. failing that, the ability to send back (within the GET params) a referrer URL to our thank you page so that we can redirect upon return to our Thank you page web address

We have contacted the plugin author for FormLift and he has said that integrating Ajax responses was not possible due to IS’s security restrictions.

What’s thrown us a little is that some previous devs look to have written custom code that did allow AJAX form submissions. Most confusing… Their integration code, unlike FormLift, did not sync. with the API, it simply had the HTML web form code copied across and pasted into WordPress.

We’d really appreciate any information on this, as at present the submission response is a bit clunky…