Redirecting IS form back to the referrer website

Hey all,

I have an Infusionsoft (IS) form (which I load from my website) and I want users to fill the form and redirect back to my website again.

This is my requited workflow

  • User will redirect from my website to the IS form (IS form is hosted in IS itself, not via a JS or anything)
  • They will fill the form and click submit
  • Form will ask for captcha verification
  • Submission will create a record in IS
  • redirect to Thank you page
  • redirect back to my website.

However the last two steps are not working. (Thank you page and redirect) , everything else works. Can someone redirect me to the correct path on,

  • why I’m not seeing the Thank you page ?
  • Why its not redirecting (for this I believe , it’s because the Thank you page is not loading) ?

Following is my current Thank you page setup

Thanks in advance


Hi Rhondalynn,

make sure that the page you are redirecting to is not redirecting back to the web form.



hey @Mark_Penney, thanks. Yes, as you said the issue was in the redirect URL. Updated the URL and everything works fine now. :+1:


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