Analytics displaying leads as coming from Infusionsoft instead of Google Ads?

I have a problem with my analytics as it’s showing incoming leads to be coming from an Infusionsoft source instead of Adwords since there is a redirect before the thank you page on the web form (this is how my client’s google ads team has described it).

They’ve asked that I look into some kind of integration that helps the Infusionsoft form pass the correct lead source through to the thank you page so that analytics can more accurately track the campaign that the lead came through from.

Does anybody know how I could do this?


Does anybody know if there is a short line of code or something that could carry through the analytics tracking through to the thank you page?

How do you have this setup? If you’re embedding the form INTO your ads then it’s still the infusionsoft form submitting it and not the actual ad so it would record that as the leadsource. In essence, you would have an IS form inside a google ad and the IS form will register itself as the leadsource.

The form is just embeded into a web page. Analytics goes looking for the code on the thank you page but can’t see it because the user is redirected to an Infusionsoft URL after submitting the form and it seems to be wiping away the lead source data and replacing it with data that says it’s an Infusionsoft lead.

I’m not too sure about this topic in general but a contact at another agency our client is using brought it to my attention and suggested that the quick redirect could have been the cause.

It’s possible the redirect is doing it but I’d have to actually inspect it in action to be able to say for sure. There are so many ways that something like this can be done (using various methods) that it’s difficult to know for sure without monitoring it in action.

Hi John,

I’ve just submitted the form as a test and it directed me to the following URL for about 2 seconds (it’s usually faster): https://n***

I’ve just censored the app name because we’re on a public forum. I’m not sure if there’s a security risk there.

Is there anything you can glean from this? It’s reassuring to hear that there are various methods for solving it.

Look forward to hearing back.


EVERY link you provide on a form (including button clicks), first pass through IS tracking links and then forward to the link you specified in design. But knowing more about it than that requires inspecting the action not the url…packets of information are always associated with it in the background in ways you don’t visually see in a browser etc. But registering as an IS form in leadsource isn’t really a surprise if it’s from an IS form…so maybe regroup and state your end goal…pursuing it from this direction just seems to be getting you further from where you’re trying to get to.

I agree that the ways I’ve looked at so far aren’t optimal. I’d originally planned to take this to our web developer and after your description I think it’s probably our only option.

If he can force the submit function on the form to grab all the relevant packets of information (analytics tracking code) and pass it on to the thank you page, could that fix the issue? It may be impossible to do but it sounds plausible to me, I’m not an expert on these kinds of things as you’ve probably guessed.

Thanks again,

Yes, I’ve done that before. When a form is submitted, there is an event that is triggered (onsubmit) that can be used to read the fields and then preempt the submit process by taking over and passing values forward to the thank you page with code rather than relying on the browser to do it.

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That’s fantastic. Sounds like just what we need. Hopefully we can have it submit the data to Infusionsoft AND send it through to the thank you page.

I’ll pass this on to our developer. Thanks again for your help! :smiley:


Hey, @Joe_Gillespie,

So to do that you’re best off using a “middleware” approach. Basically, when they ‘submit’ information through the url, you send it to a middleware script. Doing this allows you to use the script to update Infusionsoft first and then the script can redirect to the thank you page. It’s pretty quick and virtually transparent to anyone that’s not familiar with programming and is a common way to solve for what you are doing :wink:

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That’s great news. I actually started training in Javascript recently so this will probably be pretty useful to me. I’ll look more into it but will probably still pass it on to the dev for the sake of getting the issue solved quickly for the client.

Thanks again! :smiley:

This has been solved… this free guide will tell you everything you need to know about setting up proper cross-domain tracking for Keap/Infusionsoft. It will make sure your sessions don’t break, and maintain proper traffic source/medium inside Google Analytics and Google Ads, all the way through including the transaction.