Losing Conversions Source Tracking Using Infusionsoft Web Form

Hi, has anyone had the same problem with the web form?

2 days ago, I embedded an Infusionsoft web form to replace our previous manually coded form (due to some problems with subcription confirmation).
But when users complete the form, they get redirected to an internal ID of infusionsoft in a flash. Only then, they get redirected again to our thank you page.
And the consequence of this is that Google Analytics counts all that conversions for the source / medium of ( our app ID.infusionsoft.app / refferal). Also Google Ads can not get record those conversions any more. We use page view of thank-you page as conversion trigger.

Is there anyway to resolve this and give the credit to the right source again? (Without changing the conversions tracking mechanism of course).

Yes, this has been fixed inside Keap. All you need to do is setup proper cross-domain tracking, and this step-by-step documentation will show you how to do that: