Google Analytics utm_-parameters lost at webform redirect to thank you page

Hi guys,

we have the problem that somehow Infusionsoft “kills” the utm parameters of Google Analytics while redirecting (after web form submit) to the thank you page (own page not hosted by Infusion):

The goal completion itself is triggered and the conversion noticed.

But: We cannot track which source is responsible for a goal completion as the “source” is always “referrer/”

Thank you very much for any ideas,

This will most likely be corrected by putting ?utm_nooverride=1 in your thank you page URL. Since the user is redirected through your Infusionsoft domain (, Google sees the next visit as a new sessions. By adding ?utm_nooverride=1 to the thank you page URL, it should not start new session.


Thank you very much!

That sounds straight forward.

I have already implemented a (way) more complicated workaround with redirects n’stuff.

If your suggestion work as indicated, I should have come here first :wink:

Anyway: I will try this tomorrow and keep you posted.

Best wishes,

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This has been fixed inside Keap. All you need to do is setup proper cross-domain tracking inside Google Analytics like this: