Infusionsoft Order Form Redirects breaks cross domain tracking

We are trying to track traffic sources across several domains using Google Analytics. Our InfusionSoft order forms are breaking domain GA domain linker by performing (in this case) 3 consecutive 301 redirects to infusionsoft domains. During the 2nd redirect, the _ga query parameters are dropped for the redirect request, causing us to lose the cross domain tracking between our site and the IS order forms.

Is there a way to prevent these redirects or a way to persist the _ga query parameters?


I assume you’re trying to use GA as a middle ware tracking solution? CORS is not enabled for order forms and the only way I can suggest around that is to have your own middle ware on your own server that reads the caller and then forwards that to GA and finally handles the redirect to the thank you page, otherwise you’ll run into CORS issues.

John, thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, I did not explain the issue very well - hopefully a picture will help.

Technically, this is not CORS issues as google analytics will be reading values on both our webpage and Infusionsoft forms (there is no domain change). Our issues is that when a user clicks on a link to an Infusionsoft form, Infusionsoft redirects the request 3 times (see image below). During the 2nd redirect, Infusionsoft drops the ‘_ga’ query parameter that we need persisted. So our primary question is, can we keep this ‘_ga’ query parameter persisted across redirects?

Another question is can we stop this Infusionsoft redirect behavior? We’ve seen it continually for the past few weeks, so I’m not sure if it’s some sort of load balancing mechanism or do we have something misconfigured on our end. It does not seem like desired behavior.

Any insights / help appreciated!

I have a similar issue here.
When my site links to Infusionsoft form, the _ga parameter is passed properly to my form.
However, when the form goes back to my thank you page, I didn’t find any way to pass the _ga param back.

Similar issue here. Wondering if anyone found solution to this?

This has been fixed at Keap. All you need to do is setup proper cross-domain tracking and this will all work now. Here’s a free step-by-step guide for doing that: