Cookie Conflict with Infusionsoft and Google Cross Domain Tracking

I’m setting up tracking for Adwords so that I can track customer sales/conversions but having an issue with conflicting cookies. I don’t believe you can use two cookies in one URL?

Process: AdWords > Wordpress Sales Page (with Infusionsoft button) > Infusionsoft Order Form > Thank you page

The issue is that Infusionsoft adds a cookie to the Order Form url not allowing Googles cookie to show in the URL.

This is what the URL looks like now

  • Im pretty sure this cookie is created by infusionsoft
  • The button link doesnt not have the ?cookie reference. Its adding it on the order form page
  • …

This is what I need

  • URL is not exact, just an example
  • …

I hope that makes sense and let me know if you need more information.

Thanks in advance for any help,


You need to setup proper cross-domain tracking… here’s a free step-by-step guide for doing that: