Attribution tracking in Google Analytics when using Infusionsoft forms

Hi! I’ve been having an issue tracking correct attribution in Google Analytics after switching over to Infusionsoft forms. It seems what is happening is that when a user fills out a form, their query goes through Infusionsoft which then redirects them to the thank you page. This strips the session of any source attribution it had and so the goal conversion in Google Analytics (tracked with thank you page destinations) is then attributed as a referral source with the thank you page as the landing page. This is obviously an issue since we can no longer tell what channel, source, or landing page our conversions are coming from!
Has anyone else had an issue with this? It seems like a serious flaw that would probably steer me away from using Infusionsoft forms if there was no fix for.

Following. I didn’t realize this happened in GA with goal tracking and Infusionsoft forms.

A quick fix might be to switch to Gravity Forms. As long as you’re not tracking affiliate stuff, you should be good.

Thanks for your response. Can gravity forms still track Infusionsoft LeadSource with a hidden field? We were initially using ContactForm 7 (a similar plugin to Gravity Forms) but switched over to Infusionsoft forms because there was no integration between the two and no way to track leadsource without IS forms. Little did we know the switch would in turn cause attribution problems in GA…

Gravity forms is really powerful. It can do a lot with hidden fields, url parameters, etc.

You can likely get what you need out of it.

Is Gravity forms the only fix for this issue? Or has someone come up with another solution?

Setting up a referral exclusion in Google analytics seemed to solve the main problem, but URL parameters like campaign codes still get stripped. Other solutions like Gravity Forms work, but then you sacrifice the internal tracking and intuitive integration you get with Infusionsoft forms (it’s pretty nice being able to see the specific form a lead was generated through in their contact record. You lose this with something like Gravity Forms).

There are ways to custom code other forms’ Get and Post requests so that they trick IS into thinking it is an Infusionsoft form when really the form itself is being served by some other plugin or platform, but the amount of work required for this is not worth it, IMO.

The best solution will depend on what data is most important to you, and how you will use it. For us, Infusionsoft forms with the referral exclusion method was best.

Great, thank you for your advice!

I recently installed infusionsoft form (javascript) on my landing pages. My goals are still tracked in Analytics. However, google ads does not recognize them. Any thoughts? Solution?

This free guide will show you how to properly setup cross-domain tracking inside Keap: Google Analytics Cross-Domain Tracking For Keap/Infusionsoft |

I’ve personally setup hundreds of Keap/Infusionsoft accounts like this and it works perfectly… Sessions are maintained and traffic source/medium stays properly attached.