Best way to handle lead source tracking

I’ve been looking at apps that can help me to handle lead source tracking.

The above seems like a good choice but the reviews are all pretty old. Does anyone have any advice on what I should do regarding this, for the best results?


Just in case you haven’t found a solution yet. I recommend this solution to all my clients who want to track the traffic source for all leads (fills out a form) or purchases (buys something through infusionsoft) - Infusionsoft Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking - Start Smart Now. The data is pushed to Google Analytics, where I recommend that you track this type of data. Infusionsoft has its own built-in source tracking. I really wouldn’t use your Infusionsoft app to store Google Analytics data. That’s why the iTracker360 app isn’t a good choice. It’s storing a lot data in your Infusionsoft app instead of where it belongs in Google Analytics.

Hi Whit,

Thanks for the tip, I’ll definitely keep this in mind. We’re actually working on a new solution where we use event tracking instead of page traffic tracking on analytics.

Originally, the Infusionsoft form would redirect users to an Infusionsoft URL temporarily before redirecting to the thank you page so the lead source was getting overwritten. This solution should solve the problem.


Hi Joe,

Glad to help! Here’s a bit more info…

I exclude my client’s Infusionsoft app URLs such as unXX. or in Google Analytics Referral Exclusions… so that a “referral” isn’t tracked by GA. This also helps to keep the original source and medium attached to the session.

The one extra thing that AnalyticsConnect does is STORE this info in its “cookie vault” - so if the contact buys something from you during that session or later, the original source and medium gets credited in GA.

If you setup referral exclusions for your Infusionsoft app, you can still trigger a GA event using Google Tag Manager because it will show the app URL as the referrer. It just won’t record that as the source and medium in GA.

I fire tags in GTM based on the Infusionsoft form ID in the referrer. This way, I know that a form thank you page view from a referrer containing the form ID is a unique form submission, not just a pageview.

Hope this extra info helps!

That’s definitely a great help. I think I understand it a little better now. We’ve set up the exclusion on a few accounts now and it seems to be doing the trick just great.

Thanks again for all your help! :smiley: