Tracking Inbound Advertising Leads By Source?


I use Infusionsoft Campaign Builder to create forms on my website and track leads from those forms. If I’m sending paid traffic to our forms from Google & Facebook, how can I connect the dots between the tracking I’m seeing on Google/Facebook for number of Goal Completions on that form to my actual infusionsoft contacts?


Joe sees a facebook ad for my company and that ad directs Joe to take a specific action on my website. Joe is interested, and clicks through to my website and fills out that form. Joe is then added to Infusionsoft as a new contact with a “Submitted this form” tag.

I see from Facebook reporting that 1 person filled out my form, but I can’t see on Facebook that this person was Joe, who is now my Infusionsoft contact.

How can I connect the dots, and go into Infusionsoft and confirm that Joe came to my form, filled it out, and became a contact based off of seeing this Facebook ad?

Furthermore, how can I do this for any paid advertising? Is there a way to measure this ROI? I’ve hit a brick wall with things like the “Lead Source ROI” report, as it doesn’t separate Paid Facebook traffic from Organic Facebook traffic. I also haven’t been able to answer this question by going to individual contact’s “web profile” history.

Thanks in advance for all your help! I just want to know if my marketing dollars are being well-spent on all of our various lead gen tactics.