How do you track which adwords campaign a lead is from on an Infusionsoft form?

My previous post wasn’t worded very well so I’ll make another here.

We have multiple adwords campaigns that all point to the page in which the Infusionsoft form will go. This means that the people filling out the form will be from 1 of 4 possible ads we have set up. Is there a way I can set up a field that will record which of the 4 campaigns the lead has come to the page as a result of?

I imagine it would look at the end of the URL where the reference code is for the ad and then convert that into text that describes that ad like “Remarketing campaign 2”. I’ve found that there’s an app called iTracker360 that can do this but I’m not sure if the functionality is already available within Infusionsoft.


Without something like itracker, you have two options that I can think of:

  1. Drive traffic to 4 different URLs and set up 4 different Lead Sources in Infusionsoft.
  2. Hire someone to write some javascript that parses the URL for your UTM codes and passes them to a hidden custom form field - which is what itracker does I assume :slight_smile: