Does Infusionsoft track ad words as a lead source automatically?

I’m trying to get a better picture of where my leads are coming from. I exported 200 of the leads from the last 30 days and less than half of them actually have any data in the lead source field.

Almost all of the lead sources that are available just say Google and the category is Organic. Do these include contacts that clicked on an ad or are they all contacts that found the site through a generic google search?

There’s also android-app referrals leads and I’ve no idea what they are for.

Is there an easier way of determining what each of these leads means? Does the form track Google Ads leads and if so, what does it look like in the lead source field? What does it mean when a lead has no lead source listed?


EDIT: I’m trying to add a merge field to emails that includes the lead source but this doesn’t seem to work. Any ideas?

No, there is no connection for ad words, tag manager or google in general with Infusionsoft/Keap. That would require inserting code from them into your IS/Keap pages.

Hi John,

I have found a solution to this now.

We’ve assigned ‘id1’, ‘id2’, ‘id3’ etc, to our Google Ads campaigns so that the id displays in the URL upon form submission. I made a hidden field on the IS form and our developer coded it to look for “id” in the URL and take it along with the number following it and paste it into the hidden field upon submission.

I made a process that triggers whenever a new lead comes in through the form that sorts them into 6 paths depending on their ‘id’ in the hidden custom field, if they have it. It then assigns the correct leadsource (I made one for each Google Ads campaign). You might find the solution helpful if you need to solve a similar issue in the future.