Lead Sourcing that can allow webforms to take note of adwords campaign

Is there a way to set up advanced Lead Sourcing on web forms so that you can track which adwords campaign the contact came from?

I believe there may be an app on the marketplace that offers this functionality but I’d sooner use a feature that’s already within Infusionsoft before buying/installing other apps.


You can use a hidden field on your web form for ‘referral source’ (or a custom field for your ‘ad group’). Then, in the URL that is feeding to the form from Google Ads, include “?inf_field_Email=[data]” to your form, where the “inf_…” is your Infusionsoft field name and “[data]” is your ad group name. That will feed that data into the form, hidden, so you can track source.



Hi Jeff,

Just so I’m absolutely clear on the formatting, Once I add the hidden field to my form and I select the Lead Source custom field I set up, it then asks for field value.

Then, I put ?Lead_Source=AdGroupName (without the speech marks?)

This seems like it is just setting the field to a certain value though. I have multiple ad groups that are directing traffic to this one form and need to be able to record which ones are bringing in which leads. Is this possible?


The ‘adgroupname’ would be in the link that you set up in Google Ads. So group 1 would have ?Lead_Source=AdGroup1 added to the end of the URL inside your google ads account. Group 2 would have ?Lead_Source=AdGroup2 added, etc. your form will then read that ad group name and record on the form and then into Infusionsoft.

Also, for 100% clarity, “Lead_Source” wont be the final actual code for your custom field name. You will need to get that from the Infusionsoft system.