Capturing Leadsource from Landing Pages with Google Analytics tags through WP of Gravity Forms

Hi there, I have spent an entire year struggling with how to get my webpage form submissions leadsource field into Infusionsoft. I know iTracker 360 and other applications do this - but I want to figure out a way to do it without the 3rd party integrations.

When my lead fills out a form on my Wordpress landing page (using a Gravity Form) they are tagged from google analytics with all the hidden fields for the ad set, ad source and keywords they used from any one of our advertising vehicles. But that information does not track through to Infusionsoft’s leadsource.

Has anyone done this with an API or has any other solutions?


Lead Source can be set via the API. If you are using REST you use the lead_source_id field which maps to the numeric id of the Lead Source in Infusionsoft. Keap REST API

We had the same problem. We found most 3rd party popup aps break the lead source tracking as they use the javascript snippet. You need to use the HTML code, which can either be done by a developer to get the form to look good, or I’ve been told Form Lift will do this. We are testing Form Lift now, hopefully it works.

Tyler Garn’s leadtrack.js can do this well. I have modified it for my needs.

I think you can find info about it here: